Simple Sew Palazzo Pants – Red crepe

red crepe high waisted simple sew palazzo trousers pattern review

Well this Simple Sew Palazzo pants write up is a bit bittersweet for me. Although I have been left with the most amazing pair of high waisted red flared trousers, I made some right cock ups along the way despite this pattern being relatively easy! Totally blaming the BBC  and their ‘The Cry’ drama for it though.

I’d been planning to make these trousers for a while and last weekend whilst my kids were at a birthday party, I had a few sneaky hours to get started. I used the lovely drapey red crepe from the Prints and Plains website find it here

The construction of these trousers was a little different to others I’ve made in the past. I picked my size to cut out and knew that I would need to grade down the waist a size. I didn’t do this at the time but will on the next pair I make as it will mean less tweaking during the sewing process. Due to the construction of the pockets this means that the only place you can grade down the pattern once cut is on the front and rear centre seams which has the potential to throw the darts out if you have to take them in a lot. This brings me onto my big ‘The Cry’ mistake- I had sewn the front on backwards!!!!

Totally serves me right for trying to cram catch up TV whilst on a sewing mission. I obviously wasn’t paying enough attention because when I tried these lovely pants on, from the back they looked great and at the front a great big set of seam allowance. So I got my seam ripper out and then spent the next half hour chuntering on and racing against the clock to finish the majority of construction before the kids returned.

When I did round 2 and went for my first proper try on, I was really chuffed with the first look but they were a little too wide a flare for me. After slimming them down a smidge, probably around 3inches either side, I  was finally happy.

I saved the hemming till the Sunday as I needed a glass of wine after all the unpicking I’d done.

So the magic question, if I had to do this again, what will I do differently and why?

  • Slim down the width of leg just a bit
  • Slim down the waist
  • Make a pair in the black premium dress polyester which is a bit like a heavier weight viscose and the grey spandex crepe on the website.

Slightly shocked at my poor ironing skills on the side photo!

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