Reusable bamboo towelling facial cleansing pads


Around Christmas time, a friend of mine got in touch to see if I would be able to make some facial cleansing pads to replace the disposable cotton wool ones that she usually uses. Mhairi has a wellbeing business focusing on using natural aloe products called ‘Your wellness in mind’ ( you can find out more about her business at

In recent years many people have become more mindful about products used within the home with focus on reducing waste and sustainable production. Stacey Dooley made a great documentary last year that highlighted the damaging effects of fast fashion. One of the most shocking things for me was the picture NASA has of the depletion of the Aral Sea due to the production of cotton, one of the thirstiest plants to grow let alone during production of the fabric.

The picture below shows the sea in 1989 on the left and 2008 on the right. At one point it was the fourth largest inland sea and was even a holiday destination.

There are also other programmes such as Blue Planet focusing on the effects of plastic on our sea’s. I know that last year I dramatically cut down on how much cling film was used in out house and we pretty good at recycling anything our council will accept. There are loads of tutorials on you tube and in other blogs of how to coat fabrics with bees wax which act like cling film and help to keep sandwiches fresh and foods fresh in the fridge. They’re also visually more pleasing! I haven’t attempted this one myself but for my kids lunch boxes, I bought them new lunch boxes that could segment foods away from each other whilst still keeping the sandwiches dry. I also picked up some great silicone covers from   which are washable and quite stretchy.

There are lots of websites starting to sell reusable items and if you do have the time or the inclination to make these things, would be a great place to start looking.

But back to my original train of thought and the facial cleansing pads….

Mhairi chose a gorgeous cotton lawn with a beautiful floral pattern and I recommended she have the bamboo towelling to back it.  It’s beautifully soft and fluffy and it was bound with a coordinating dark green thread to match. My first one did get chewed up down the sewing machine till I changed my foot for the over edge foot (for Brother machines it’s ‘G’). With the towelling being so fluffy, it did still peep through the over edging so I had a bit of a play around and found that sewing the fabrics right side to right side, leaving the gap to turn out and then top stitching again gave neater results. I also had a play around with the shapes. I think the heart shaped cleansing pads are definitely my favourites! I think you’d need to have at least 20 facial cleansing pads to ensure that you’d have at least one a day and then get them in the washing machine. If you were clever with sizes it could be done with a fat quarter of each fabric. I really enjoyed making these little simple pads that add a little pop of colour to the bathroom and when you think that you can be reducing the amount of cotton being used and reducing the amount of waste going into land fill, its one tiny tip toe closer to sustainable living.


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