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Leila dress

Recently I have been buying a lot of the simply sewing magazines for the patterns. I think they look more like high street clothing I would usually buy. The Leila dress that came through recently was something I would definitely wear and I couldn’t wait to get sewing!

leila dress


I chose MULTI COLOURED STRETCH JERSEY WATERCOLOUR PRINT for the fabric. It has a fantastic colour palette, interesting texture and the right amount of stretch for this pattern as it has no fastenings. Whilst having a google to see if there were any other reviews of this dress, some one on the love sewing Facebook page (I think) had said that it comes up pretty short in the bodice. I did a tissue fit and the bodice did come quite high up so I elongated the bodice by 1.5 inches and this worked well. The jersey is printed so this means if it is stretched too tight it will show white where the fibres underneath the ink don’t take. With this in mind I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too tight on the bust or butt area!


I did have to use a stretch needle and walking foot to give a good finish and I also finished with some seams with the overlocker.  I absolutely love this dress and I think the colour palette means it can be worn with so many of my shoes and bags

So if I had to make this again what would I do differently and why:

  • Nothing!! I did all pattern adjustments with the tissue fit. I might see what it looks like a smidge shorter in the skirt length.
  • Already planning on in  DENIM JERSEY- NAVY BLUE
  • Might make a stripey one like on the packet for wearing in summer with flip flops

Not much else really. It came together well and I really enjoyed the whole process

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