Another Simplicity 1067 but in camel

camel wool coat

This pattern is definitely becoming a firm favourite of mine. Since making my first one with the gorgeous herringbone wool, I have had my sights set on a camel one too.
Camel coats have been everywhere lately. Reading a People magazine article, they showed loads of famous names like Jennifer Lopez and Meghan Markle wearing a Max Mara version for a whopping $2950! That may be slightly out of my budget so I am more than happy to make my own with the most beautiful camel baby boucle wool.

The great thing about this pattern is that I feel like I’m wearing a dressing gown in disguise (I may have mentioned that in my last post about this pattern!). It has large handy pockets for all my junk I carry around every day. Also, being a wrap design, it gives a more flexible fit. It’s a smart design whilst being really comfortable to wear.
The wool I used is a bit firmer than the looser weave herringbone I used last time and this gave a more structured look to the coat. The colour is really on trend at the moment and will be great for going into spring.
I lined this coat again with a beautiful black and gold star patterned satin. Working with wool can be a bit bulky so I constructed this coat a little bit differently. Instead of making up the main body coat, attaching the facings and then adding the lining, I changed the order a little. I made up the main body, then I made the lining and attached to the facings. I then attached the lining and facing piece to the coat. I found this a lot easier than trying to manipulate the lining around the neck piece. I also slimmed down the collar again as I prefer a slimmer shawl collar.
This pattern is definitely a firm favourite of mine and will make another but I think I may play around with the collar for a more classic pointed collar and obviously in a more light weight fabric.
Top tips for this pattern:
1. Make sure you check the fit of the shoulders, if you get this right, the rest is pretty forgiving
2. The pockets feel nicer lined properly
3. Make lots of them!!!